2 Hours Could Be Worth $20000

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This is big news for job-seekers! I know a lot of people are getting frustrated about job placement but just be patient and keep trying. q=]

I was talking to one of my closest friends the other day. Things are going really well for him and really quickly things got a lot better. He was able to receive an internship at the end of his junior year. The company loved him and was able to extend him an offer for a full time position. The salary was awesome but he just needed a little more compensation because he needed to move to a new location and handle some additional upfront costs. With no other offers on the table he started to come to terms with the position and was going to accept it.

Literally 2 hours before the scheduled time to speak to that company, a different company called him begging to interview with him. He explained to the company that they needed to interview him quickly if they wanted a fair chance because his timeline for accepting or rejecting his already obtained position was coming soon! This new company agreed to interview him immediately. He realized even with an immediate interview he still needed some extra time to accept or reject the other offer. He was able to get an extension on accepting/ rejecting his first offer.

A week and two interviews later, my friend had an offer that was literally 20K more than his previous offer.



I don’t have much insight on increasing your current offer like Omesh had but I do know waiting for all your application processes to finish before deciding on what job to accept can make a huge difference!

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