Graduation’s Soon And Then… But Like… Wait… What?

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Hey guys,

I have been thinking a lot about what to do after graduation.

So a couple of my friends were able to land some interviews, some even got some offers and of course some are still looking. For the ones still looking swing by the CDC for some help. There are tons of resources even new resources available through your jobfinder account to really help you land that dream job of yours.

For the people just about done with things, I am sure your brain is a bit of a mess thinking about what happens after graduation and how do you deal with all that money, what should you do with your free time and how can you stay involved in the things you love?

Having money is nice and that is sometimes a enough for people but I still know some people who are worried that after college things are just going to be lame.Today I was hoping to dispel that myth about things being lame after college and share some resources that really make a difference!

Here are some examples of things that could change how much fun you have in any situation:
Situation: Moving to a new area..
Problem: No more friends, not sure where to live, no more cool student groups?
Solution1: Visit
You can connect to alumni from your school! Some of them could be looking for roommates some of them could even be at the same company!

Situation: You’re no longer a student…
Problem: You feel like there is no way for you to be involved and such
Solution: Visit/ contact local colleges. You can coach/ advise/ volunteer for the groups that you’re interested in. Or if you rather still people part of clubs rather than the boss look for sites like there are tons of young people who still want to meet up and have fun. So if you’re into soccer, cooking or something completely different, there is a group out there waiting for you!

So relax! we dont have to grow up just yet but we do have to dress up kinda like this guy:

If you’re still worried about how the first day of work will be check out Gianna’s internship experience.
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