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Hey everyone!

I feel like all I’ve only been talking about is IQP this term…well because I have…but its mostly because I am so excited to go!!! I remember last year right around this time feeling stressed about the application and interview for going abroad. But the process is worth it in the end! I would definitely recommend it to anyone to apply.


I remember last year (as a sophomore) talking to juniors about their interview for IQP. The interview is an important part of the decision. As an intern in the WPI Admissions office, I have had the opportunity to interview many prospective students. The questions that I ask are typically behavioral questions. No matter what you are interviewing for (job/internship/IQP), answers to behavioral interview questions are a key part of the recruiting process.

Here is a list of question I prepared before going into my IQP interview:

1.) Tell me about yourself. – I usually include my major, activities I do on campus. For my IQP interview, I transitioned to why I wanted to travel abroad. Its a really open-ended question, which can either be great or difficult! Strategy – have an answer prepared!

2.)Why do you want to go to (site name here)? – Show that you’ve done your research. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to research past projects and the area you want to visit!

2.) What makes you a good fit? –Unfortunately “Because I’m awesome” (which I’m sure you are) isn’t a good answer to that question. Really think about the personal qualities you have to make you a good fit!

3.) Strengths and weaknesses? – Be sure to show you are trying to improve on your weakness. Mine, for example, is that I struggle public speaking. So I’ve become an Admissions Intern to force myself to give weekly presentations.

4.) Positive and negative group experiences.Negative…what did you learn? If you did something to turn a negative group experience into a positive one, what did you do? If not, what would you have done next time?

These are just a small sample of questions that could be asked in your interview! Its impossible to have an answer prepared to every question, but its important to come up with a strategy.

To develop this strategy, I would definitely recommend going to the following workshop TOMORROW and next Monday. I went last year and I can’t express to you how happy I went. I was really prepared for the IQP interview! And now one year later, I’m off to Cape Town.


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