T-12 Days (For Sophomores at least)

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Hello Everyone,

I hope your midterms week is going well and that you still have time for the necessities (e.g., food, sleep and relaxing time). This is a tough time that comes around every quarter but as long as you tried your best, you should be proud of yourself! Although your grades are important, I would argue that your mental health is significantly more important.

Not to add to stress for sophomores, but don’t forget that IQP applications are due on October 5th by 11:59pm. Be sure to check out the IGSD website for the schedule of site information sessions to learn more about the ones that you’re interested in. The CDC will not only critique the resumes you need to submit along with your application, but we will also help you prepare for your IQP interview. We’re co-sponsoring two workshops with the IGSD on interview skills on Oct 12th and 28th, both workshops are 5:00-6:30pm in SL 115. After attending the interview skills workshop, you can schedule a mock interview with a counselor as well (just mention that it’s for IQP in the notes). Information about all upcoming CDC events can be found at wpi.edu/+cdcevents . Good luck with your applications and I hope you get to travel to where you’ve always dreamed of!

So long, farewell!

P.S.- Do you have questions about the CDC, its services, or anything career related? Ask the Peer Advisors! Gianna, Omesh, Kayla, Matt, and I are here to help. Every week, the peer advisors write blog posts and also submit an article to the Towers newspaper. Ask a question or suggest a topic for us to write about, and you could win a free t-shirt or other cool CDC prize! Send suggestions and questions to cdcpeeradvisors16@wpi.edu.

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