The Gap, That is.. The Wage Gap

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Do you consider yourself a feminist? Do I consider myself a feminist? I think so. I had never really thought about it until I was told that feminism is really only a belief in the equality of men and women. So in that case, absolutely!


Do you know that in the work place, men and women are often not considered equally? You probably did know that, or have seen it in some form or another! It’s not a competition between men and women, it’s a simple equality.

One of the most significant reasons that a wage gap exists between men and women is because women do not negotiate their salaries, or do not negotiate for as much! Starting with a lower salary has an exponential effect on your future earnings, because raises are often done by percentage. The same percentage on a lower salary can result in a more and more extreme gap in future years. Get the salary you deserve!

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-Kayla Mulready

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