How I Made My Internship Successful and How You Can Too! (I swear this isn’t an infomercial)

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Hi all!


Stoked I get to write to you again, I know you’ve been holding your breath since my last post!


In my last post, I spoke about how great my summer internship was and I promised to speak about why it was so successful and how I put myself into the best position to succeed.


Here are a few things I did that helped make my work fulfilling and worthwhile:


1. Work to be a part of the team


I was very fortunate to have managers that incorporated me into their teams and because of this, I was given work that was critical to the program/team goals. To do this, I proved my worth and displayed that I was capable to handle tasks. Push yourself and your team to give you important work – it’ll make your summer much more interesting and satisfying!


2. Finish assignments – ask questions if you can’t!


Getting meaningful assignments is awesome but if your manager is trusting you with important work, be sure to complete it and at a high level. If you aren’t able to finish assignments, ask questions! As an intern, you don’t know all the answers so don’t be afraid to ask!


3. Meet as many people as you can


Many companies have networking events – go to as many as you can! (I definitely wish I did this more). If you’re in meetings with people you don’t know, go out of your way to say hi and introduce yourself – you never know who you’ll meet!


4. Stay in contact


Over your summer, you’ll make a lot of contacts, whether its managers, fellow interns, other co-workers, so grab their business cards or contact info. If you return to the same company, you’ll have points of contact and if you need a professional reference, you’ll have plenty of options!


Thank you for taking the time to read this – please reach out to me or the peer advisors for any career-related questions! Our email is .


Your friendly neighborhood Peer Advisor,


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