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One hundred days until Graduation for the Class of 2017 has come and gone. And although the chilly weather may not show it, summer will be here before we know it. To those who have already accepted a job, co-op, or internship, congratulations! This blog post is likely not for you. For those who, like me, are still knee deep in the job search, this post is for you. We can do it!

Coming from the Midwest, there was an expression I heard over and over again from my family members: “Plant corn, get corn.” Although there are several interpretations, I always¬†understood this expression to mean if you don’t put the groundwork and time needed, you cannot expect to see your ideal result. I believe this can be directly applied to finding a job. Taking this to heart, I have kicked up my job search, and want to share some organizational¬†tips with you that I have found helpful.

1. Pay Attention to Deadlines

Jobs come and go quickly, and many jobs have closing dates. If you find a job on interest, but you do not have time to apply right then and there, schedule time on your schedule later in the day or in the week. Make sure to follow through.

2. Record the Jobs You Have Applied for

Whether you are a spreadsheet, word document, or a pen and paper type of person, keep track of at the minimum the company, job title, job number, and date applied. Which brings me to my next point…

3. Follow-up After Two Weeks

Put on your calendar the date you need to follow-up with a reminder. At this time, remind the company of your interest, get a status update, and thank them for their time.

4. Think Beyond the Internet

Know a friend, colleague, or family member that works for a company or job of interest? Connect! Your chances of getting noticed by a company is greatly increased if you have a conneciton.

The CDC is here to help with you job search! Drop in or make an appointment on Handshake today. Have any additional questions for me or the other Peer Advisors? Email us at

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