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Don’t look now, but the career fair is tomorrow! Just kidding. It isn’t till Thursday. That’s still awfully close though! Life at WPI moves so fast that events like the fair that seem far off can sneak up in a hurry. If you’ve taken the weekend to prepare, hopefully you’ll be heading into this week feeling ready and confident. If you’re just starting now, you may feel stressed the heck out, but that’s okay. There’s still time! Jess’s article from last week has some fantastic tips on ways to get ready for the fair. Here’s some more advice and encouragement that you can take into the rec center on Thursday (along with your nametag, resume, and professional looking folder or padfolio).

If you’re a first year student…

The career fair can seem intimidating because it seems like companies are only looking for upperclassmen or full time positions. However, as a first year, you can only benefit from attending the career fair! The experience I got in my freshman year talking with employers and seeing how others interacted did wonders to prepare me for later career fairs. Additionally, if you’ve taken a GPS class, been involved in clubs at WPI or in high school, or had any other project experience or leadership roles, you likely have many of the skills that employers are looking for. Put yourself out there and see what comes of it!

If you’re still looking for a summer position…

The jobs are out there! Over 50% of offers are made AFTER January 1st, with many of these coming as a result of the spring career fair. Check Handshake to look for posted jobs, start send out applications, and follow up with employers at and after the career fair. The job search process takes persistence, but it does pay off!

If you’re feeling nervous…

Don’t be! You’re doing a great job! Chances are, if you’re a WPI student you have all kinds of amazing experiences and skills that employers are just dying to get a hold of. Refresh yourself on your most recent work and projects, practice your elevator pitch, put on your best business professional outfit and winning smile, and get out there!

Good luck! As always, the peer advisors are here to help! Feel free to reach out to cdcpeeradvisors18@wpi.edu with any and all of your favorite job search questions.

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I'm a sophomore double majoring in Robotics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from Plymouth, MA. As a Peer Advisor for the Career Development Center, I'm excited to use my experiences to help others throughout the major selection/career search processes. On campus I'm also involved in Engineers Without Borders, Crimson Key, and Running Club. Outside of school, I enjoy playing guitar, hiking, and following baseball.

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