Using Flip (formerly Flipgrid) with Canvas

This post was updated 8/9/2023 with updated documentation and links. What is Flip? At its most basic, Flip is a video tool that allows teachers to post “Topics” that are essentially videos with some accompanying text. This is then shared with students, who can be prompted to respond. The response can be made using the…Continue Reading Using Flip (formerly Flipgrid) with Canvas

Sharing Echo360 link in Canvas Module

Echo360 users can share their videos in Canvas in a variety of ways. This post explains how to share your video in a Canvas module as an External URL item. First, we need to find the sharing feature and apply it to your video. One way of finding the video is to go to your…Continue Reading Sharing Echo360 link in Canvas Module

C-Term 2021 Academic Technology News

Welcome back faculty and happy 2021! Hope you all had a restful break and were able to get away from screens for a while. The ATC team is here to help you get ready for another Zoom-filled Spring term. Please read our updates below and if you have any questions please email us at   TechFlex updates & support  C-Term Microphone & Classroom Tech Request …Continue Reading C-Term 2021 Academic Technology News

Echo360-Zoom Connection

The Echo360 – Zoom Connection Good news for Echo360 users: your Zoom cloud recordings can be ingested by Echo360 and placed in your personal libraries and course sites. Why is this good? For starters, it allows you to keep all your video content in one place. You don’t have to deal with multiple video storage…Continue Reading Echo360-Zoom Connection

How Transcripts and Captions Work in Echo360

The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination in the places of public accommodation – such as schools – and failing to transcribe or provide closed captions for your educational videos can be seen as a violation of the ADA. So transcripts and captions have legal significance. But beyond that, they help your students access your…Continue Reading How Transcripts and Captions Work in Echo360

Flipping Video with OBS

OBS – short for Open Broadcaster System – is an open source software for video streaming and recording. Downloads for OBS are available at   OBS is free and works well on Windows, macOS and Linux systems. That being said, as an open source tool, there isn’t a customer support hotline you can call…Continue Reading Flipping Video with OBS

Reaching Viewers with Echo360

Greetings, WPI Producers! This post will cover how to get the videos you produce with Echo360 in front of your students. These videos can be produced in a classroom, at home with Echo360 Universal Capture or through the Echo360-Zoom integration. Three popular ways to share Echo360 videos with students are: Sharing in a Canvas page…Continue Reading Reaching Viewers with Echo360

Ad-hoc Capture in Echo360 Classrooms

Greetings, WPI Lecture Capturers! Have you ever been in a classroom and wanted to start and stop a lecture capture by yourself? This post provides directions on how to do just that! On the podium PC, locate the desktop shortcut to Echo360 Class Capture.     The desktop shortcut will take you to a URL…Continue Reading Ad-hoc Capture in Echo360 Classrooms

Submitting an Assignment with Canvas Studio

Greetings WPI Students, Your Professor may assign a video project as an assignment. Here are the steps that you take to submit it using Canvas Studio, a content management and creation tool embedded in Canvas. First, you click on the assignment and click submit. Once you click submit, you see some choices. Choose Studio.  …Continue Reading Submitting an Assignment with Canvas Studio