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Hey Guys,

Last term, I had the opportunity to interview with Exxon Mobil right here on-campus. It was a unique experience considering I was applying for a job that was open somewhere in Texas. It made me appreciate the resources provided to us by the CDC. I personally think that on-campus recruiting is a great program. Just the fact that you don’t have to travel to the employer location to interview is a plus. Once you get through the initial interview process, the second round will usually be at the employer site and will be paid for by them. I am looking forward to OCR’s next year as I’ll be a senior.

About the interview itself. I liked the comfort of being in a familiar place for the interview. I dressed up in business formals and reached the CDC 10 minutes before the scheduled time. It’s always good to be early as you’ll get some breathing space before the interview. The interview was quite informal. I was mostly asked questions related to my personality and the interviewer did a great job at answering my questions (always have a few questions prepared before hand). At the end of the interview, I asked the interviewer for a business card so I can contact them later. Though I ended up not getting an offer, it was a great experience. Atleast I didn’t have to take the trouble of travelling.

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I am a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. My interests span thermal-fluid engineering, electronics, aerospace, theoretical physics, symbology, sports and music. I am currently a Peer Advisor at CDC.

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