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Hi all,

I had a chance to attend the energy panel on wednesday and oh boy! it turned out to be a treat. There were 3 panelists from very different work areas and very different backgrounds. We had a  graduate each from the ’80s, 90’s and 2000’s. The mix was perfect to get a broader perspective about the energy industry.

Being personally interested in the field of energy, I had made it a point to attend the panel. Though I had not expected to learn much from it, as most panels of the kind tend to tread the generic path of ‘life advice’. The energy panel started off in a similar trend. The speakers talked about how to make yourself marketable in the industry, how to be prepared for a career, communication, projects at school, etc, etc. I was looking for was solid information about the energy industry, the market scope and demand. The information came along soon enough. When the stage was opened to student’s questions, the panelists were probed with specific questions. Questions about job demand, job security, entrprenuership opportunities, etc. The panelists did a great job at providing insight and instances from their experience. They highlighted the global nature of the energy industry, the ever increasing- ever lasting need for energy, it’s role in national economy, etc.

They also provided some great pointers for college success. Here are some of the pointers I noted:

– Opportunities won’t knock on your door, chase them

– Differentiate yourself from others. Join that club, do that extra project, get that part-time job, whatever makes you tick.

– Be yourself, know yourself. When looking for a job, consider what kind of company you want to work for (small vs large)

– Interviews are mostly psychological. Be prepared. Research about the company, prepare questions for them about the company. Show that you care.

– Learn about project management while at college

The pointers work under any circumstance, in any industry. So I thought it was worth mentioning.

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