It’s that time of the year again.. :)

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It’s crunch time for the end of the term and for some odd reason I am not stressed. Don’t get me wrong… I have a ton of work that needs to be done in the next two days, but amazingly I am not worried. Maybe it has to do with vacation being just two days away? Lately I have been going through stressful times of my life in a very calm manner (sooo not me…). It feels awesome though. I never imagined I would understand what people meant when they said “just stay calm and don’t stress.. everything will be fine”.

Things end up fine in the end whether you’re stressed or not, but the entire process is soooo much smoother when you’re not stressed. I finally understand! I absolutely LOVE it. Maybe this new attitude has to do with senioritis? I have no idea. I am just looking forward to christmas break, even though it will consist of a ton of work. And by work I mean stuff that gets put in the back burner during school, such as applications! Oh man, I foresee a lot of writing this break. MQP, applications and on top of all that studying for exams which are required for some schoools. Also, I can’t forget  STAR Mentor and Alumni Connect. I need to explore and network.  

I’m not worried though 🙂 I love being in the comfort of home while doing work. Everything seems so much better. I LOVE it. Gee can ya tell how homesick I’ve been?

Anyways, I hope everyone is as pumped to go home as I am. Good luck with finals and try not to stress!

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I am a senior majoring in Biology and Biotechnology with a Pre-Health Concentration. I am a Peer Advisor at the CDC. Senior Board Chair. I am also involved in Mu Sigma Delta and Active minds. I am a people person and love to talk,share, and help as much as I can.

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