Tick Tock, tick tock…

Filed in From the Staff by on January 20, 2011

It’s January of 2011 now. Graduation is only 5 months away. What am I doing after? That’s still up in the air. I haven’t really been as pro active about that lately as I thought I would be. Over winter break, I accomplished some studying for the exam that I need to take in order for me to be accepted in schools, and I signed up for Alumni Connect.

Alumni Connect is only available to seniors. It’s there so seniors can reach out to alumni who might have a career that the students are looking into. Anyways, I signed up for Alumni Connect, but was not able to do much with it. I couldn’t figure out how to find these alums.¬† Once that is figured out, it will be helpful in knowing what I am getting myself into.

How are you all preparing for the real world?

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I am a senior majoring in Biology and Biotechnology with a Pre-Health Concentration. I am a Peer Advisor at the CDC. Senior Board Chair. I am also involved in Mu Sigma Delta and Active minds. I am a people person and love to talk,share, and help as much as I can.

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