My first experience with on campus recruiting!

Filed in Interviewing by on November 10, 2011

Have you ever seen students wearing suits around campus, and they seem to look out of place? They probably have an on campus interview at the CDC! Like I said in one of my previous posts, as part of on campus recruiting not only is the CDC bringing companies to Career Fairs or workshops, they also bring companies to interview with students.

Last week I was one of those people who seemed out of place. A few weeks after applying for a position on Job Finder, I got an email saying that I could sign up for an interview.

After preparing for a few days before, this included going to the company’s information session the night before, re reading the job description, researching the company, thinking of answers to questions they could ask me, as well as coming up with questions for me to ask them, I was ready.

My interview was at 9, so I woke up extra early so I wouldn’t look sleepy, ate a good breakfast printed out an extra copy of my resume to bring and I was ready!

Stay tuned if you want to hear how it went!

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