Career Fear Relief!

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The career fair is quickly approaching… kinda like a speeding train. I imagine that standing in the path of a speeding train is pretty scary…

A bunch of people are pretty worked up about the career fair, but I must admit using the resources from the CDC really help relieve those career fair fears.

Last week, I was one of the lucky ones to catch a walk-in. I am glad walk-ins are from 1pm to 4pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. I got a few pointers that really helped me make my resume look pretty spiffy. I am not big on reading but I strongly encourage reading over your resume carefully. It turns out I wrote “Preformed” instead of “Performed”. There are just some things spell check can’t catch…

Walk-ins are great, but I really wanted more to prepare for the career fair. Today, I went to the workshop: How to Work a Career Fair with Vistaprint. I saw some students hang around after and talk to the employer. That seemed like some good networking.

Tomorrow is another chance to network, get your resume critiqued and most importantly relieve some career fears! I hope to see all of you at Resumazing in the Odeum from 12pm to 6pm!

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