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We’re all well into A-term and I haven’t introduced myself yet! My name is James and I am a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in organizational leadership. I will be blogging about my experiences searching for jobs and marketing myself. I’ll tell you all about the CDC services I use and hopefully you will find it useful!

I hope everyone is off to a good start and has been enjoying the past few weeks. Classes and clubs have been going for weeks and so has the CDC! Hard to believe that How to Work a Career Fair has already passed. The room was packed (as always). A representative from Vistaprint gave some very useful general tips for presenting oneself and working around the room. Most questions asked by students were about how to approach an employer’s table and how to steer a conversation. The advice given was mostly to be confident! Employers want to know that you are someone they can work with and someone who is willing to engage others.

As a sophomore, this week I’ve been attending information sessions about sites abroad for IQP. With the Career Fair coming up it’s quite busy. One more class and I’m off to Resumazing!

While it’s something else to think about, just a piece of advice while it’s still the middle of A-term. Try joining a new club this year or go more frequently to a club you were not that involved in last year. Who knows? That new activity might be just the thing to help you de-stress, meet new people, and have new experiences!

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