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Are you invovled on campus? Are you a student leader? Has your WPI experience been extremely marketable? Have you been able to use the Career Development Center’s resources to help market your experiences? Did you do a walk-in? Did you set up an appointment? Have you been to a workshop or the career fair? Have you had an interview, a job shadow, an internship, or even a full time job? Did the Career Development Center Help you get it?

There were so many questions and I am sure you all have so many answers. If you answered yes to any of those questions, this is the opportunity you have been looking for… The Career Development Center is looking to update its website. The best content really comes from our students and their experiences.

We have 21 testimonials slots on the website. If you’re looking to be the new face of success please email me with your story.

My email is SamFrancois@wpi.edu

Subject of the email: CDC Testimonial
Name: Your Name
Class year: 201?
Major: Your Major
Campus involvement:

Your Experience:

If you’re struggling to think of something you can take a look at our student leaders from the past.




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