Calm Before The Storm: Your Spring Break Opportunity!

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Take the hour break from Netflix or Xbox and hop on your impending job search!

Most of my friends are the type who work hard in academics, on-campus activities, work-study positions, and juggle a social life on campus to top it all off.  This doesn’t leave much time, if any, for an active job search.

Even aiming to apply to 3 jobs per week on JobFinder can seem like a daunting task when you’ve got labs, programs, meetings, workout sessions, and other personal commitments to attend to!

FACT: It gets better from here.  It’s finals week, which means that you’ve got an upcoming term break to hop on WPI’s online services including JobFinder, CareerSearch, InterviewStream, and more!  

I’m also one of those to fall in that boat — hour by hour, color-coded Outlook Calendar, if it’s not a priority for the next month I’ll probably pass on it.  Which is why spring break is the perfect time frame to catch up on it!

Do your future self a couple favors and commit to a few job applications on JobFinder per day over break (that is, if you’re not going away — if you are, use those weekend breaks to make the most of it!).  Figure out the best time of day and room in your house to be the most productive.  And most importantly, never be afraid to ask for help and utilize your network in your job search — the majority of employment decisions aren’t made by computers, but by people!

Remember as always: I’m available at for more advice and information on your job searches!

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This site not looking familiar to you? It should; -- it's the homepage to WPI's JobFinder!

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