What Is Networking? It’s Natural, Really; Or At Least, It SHOULD Be!

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“I’m so bad at networking.  I never know how to approach people, or talk to them; I don’t get how some people are so good at it.”

If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone complain like this, well, I wouldn’t be rich, but I might be able to take them out to coffee to talk about how networking isn’t a static event.  It’s not some concept derived from a corporate presentation or a college textbook; networking is the natural reflection of your abilities to all those around you.

Connections DON'T just happen at career fairs or networking events!

Finding out how to network well starts with knowing yourself.  What are you most comfortable with?  Is it your school work, leadership experience, communication skills, or is it maybe something you do on campus?  Target that in your ability to network well.  What most people don’t realize is that networking breaks down to keeping up positive impressions, relationships, and interactions with all those around you, because chances are a certain percentage of those connections can connect you to your next career move.  

Taking the leap out of the dorms and onto the campus is the easiest way to start networking!









If it took a genius to know how to network well, I’d be terrible at it.  Consider creating an appointment with a CDC counselor or attending an information session for a company on campus, all of the information for which you can find on wpi.edu/+cdc.  Also, filling out a Strong Interest Inventory in the CDC (ask our front desk representatives M-F 9-5!) will help you understand your strongest personality traits with relation to the job market.

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