D Term Anxiety Attacks? Jobs Are Still Out There!

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Ever get this feeling? Don't stress! There's still plenty of time and resources ahead.

It’s that time of the year again.  The time most people on campus dread — the “cutoff term,” or D Term in more formal terminology.  When people feel as though time is speeding by quicker than they care to admit, and with it, their perceived window of opportunity to find a summer- or full-time job.

Well, I’ve been there.  I understand that crunch, and I wasn’t usually one to personally reach out to many people for help on things like a job search — that is, until I realized that IT’S OK to ask for help, specifically from the CDC!  The vast majority of people that find jobs hear about them or get recommendations from close peers or work colleagues, and this term there are plenty of resources to help you with your path to a great opportunity.

Don’t feel as though there’s barely any time left!  Every company has different time frames for reviewing, interviewing, and hiring new employees.  Also, there are jobs that don’t hire until after our school year ends, since WPI gets out at least one to two weeks earlier than the average national university.  

Check out JobFinder’s latest posts under the Students section here, where you can look into individual opportunities and see when the cutoff dates for applying are on the right-hand tab of each job description page.

Remember to motivate yourself each week in applying or networking for opportunities!

In following up with this advice, be sure to schedule an appointment with a Career Development Center Counselor by calling 508-831-5260 or emailing cdc@wpi.edu – this is your best method of getting one-on-one advice from a pro!  If you’re interested in meeting with a specific counselor, check out their contact information here.

Additionally, you can check out the Job Search Group for Seniors if it applies to your situation by looking on our Facebook page post!

In planning ahead, we have an event on April 4th from 6:00-7:00pm in Salisbury Labs 407 on How To Find An Internship Or Job if you’re interested in finding out this type of information in a -presentation format.

You’re always able to contact me at my school email for more tips and advice at amoreschi@wpi.edu!

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