Find YOUR Summer Job Opportunity This D Term!

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“D Term is going by so fast already and I don’t have a job.  I’ll probably just take the one I had from last summer, or figure out something in my hometown.”

It makes me sad when I hear students say this around campus in April, because 1) WPI gets out SO much earlier than the majority of universities around the Northeast; 2) there is still ample time to apply to as many as 10-20 jobs PER WEEK on JobFinder, and 3) no offense people, but if you want a great opportunity, you’re going to need less social media time and more gear-grinding searches!


Try sticking to some of this advice, and if you’re still having trouble, see some of my past blog tips and tricks to see if those work out!

Network With Your Network.

The one flaw that even LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google have yet to pinpoint is how truly extensive personal networks are – within companies, with colleagues of friends who know people, even with your past schoolteachers whose best friend from that town over knows someone who went to school with you.  Yeah.  It’s crazy.  And it’s true!  Ask around your personal connections and see how they can help you out.  Even your friends on campus and professors can be a resource: THE WORST THEY CAN SAY IS NO!

JobFinder, CareerSearch, and CDC Appointments

This is the spoken word of almost every CDC advertisement on campus, and guess what?  I’ll preach it again!  The simple yet powerful effects of effective job searches start online nowadays, and by building your profiles on JobFinder and CareerSearch (Log into JobFinder to see it on the right-hand column: blows up the search to thousands of companies NEAR YOUR HOMETOWN) is the way to do it.

Also!  Never underestimate the help and importance of CDC appointments – walk-ins are Tuesdays through Thursdays from 10am-4pm and will point you in the right direction for getting that search off the ground smoothly.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance.

More often than not I run into friends on campus that will only attend a certain event or opportunity if they know other people that will be going – the problem, however, is that people don’t personally leverage themselves in this case, and thus lose out on the opportunity in both cases.  Don’t be afraid to attend an event or run with a new program, it may just lead to that next open door!  Prime example: TONIGHT – a CDC-facilitated workshop on How To Find An Internship Or Job, being held in Salisbury Labs 407 at 6:00pm.

For more tips, tricks, and other helpful advice, be sure to check out our full website when you can!  Posts from Evy and Sam are equally as helpful.

Until next time!  Email me at with any of your concerns!


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