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If only it were that easy! It’s the middle of D term. If you’re a student you’re probably searching for a Job. If you’re a sophomore and didn’t sign up to go away for IQP, you’re probably looking for a job and an IQP. If you’re a junior and didn’t sign up to go away for MQP, you’re probably looking for a job and a MQP. I am sure some other searches are going on this term too.

Since I am junior, I can connect with the juniors most but hopefully the tricks are same. The best trick to finding a job or a MQP is looking for a job and MQP. See how those work together? Looking for a job came more naturally to me since there is a whole center dedicated to helping you look for one, but looking for a MQP was a lot more difficult since there isn’t a center that spoon feed advice.

So if you’re stuck looking for a job, swing by the that building with the fancy windows by the fountain or, the CDC, for a job search strategies appointment or catch some of the programs D term that are geared towards helping you find a job or internship.

If you’re stuck looking for a MQP, I can share what helped me and maybe it will help you too? What helped me out was talking to my academic advisor, speaking to some of my favorite professors and just being really persistent.  What also helped was treating MQP like a job. I went to professors and let them know why I was interested; I even dropped off a resume!

The trick is you gotta be proactive. So please, stay calm and good luck! If you dont get anything from this blog get this: It’s not too late to start looking, but it is too early to give up! Sometimes it is just a matter of trying. 


Let me know what works for you guys and please share your experience with me!

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– Sam

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