Have you checked your email recently?

Hey so we get a ton of emails but I just saw one that was super sick…

So this week is cool with Quadfest going on but it turns out Thursday has an awesome event. I know everyone is thinking, I am talking about their MQP presentations but no! I am sure those will be awesome and good luck to all the presenters. The presentation I had in mind is a presentation on leaderships skills.

In case the email got deleted, you should check this out:

Time to Leverage Those Leadership Skills – April 18th, 6pm, OH 107


This presentation will help you figure out how to align your skills with the top skills that companies say they are looking for in new hires. The event is co-sponsored with the Student Activities Office and SocComm (as part of QuadFest) and will be fun and interactive for prizes! There will be FREE FOOD, raffles to win gift cards, WPI and SocComm giveaways, and a KINDLE FIRE!  Attendees will also receive a free CDC water bottle!

 Even if you already know how to market your leadership skills you should still swing by! The prizes are sick and dinner is on us! You can’t lose! Oh yeah it will also be insightful!

 Hopefully I will see you there.

Thanks for stoppin’ by
– Sam

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