6 Summer Steps Getting YOU Ahead Of The Curve.

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Eight more school days from this point forward.  That’s weird.  I thought we were supposed to get more warm weather in the SPRING semester…

BUT!  During this summer, there’s a lot more free time when most of us are away from organizations, academics, and school friend groups, allowing us to fill a little bit of that time with career-related boosters.  Here’s 6 great steps you can take to put you on track and ahead of most people only soaking up rays, and not opportunities as well.

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1.  Do some research into future companies of your interest.

The way to connect with companies is NOT through websites; it’s through people.  And people of influence remember good first impressions.  Study up on the size, services, and values of those top five companies you would LOVE to work for, and come fall 2013, you’ll be ready to talk them up.

2.  Revamp your resume and JobFinder statuses.

Keeping up with the little things matters – imagine if you didn’t get a haircut all year.  People would notice, right?  The same goes for employers that review resumes and JobFinder profiles — don’t be caught with high school creds if you’re a junior at WPI, and don’t state that you’re a freshman on JobFinder if you’re about to be looking for full-time work opportunities!

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3.  Ask for LinkedIn recommendations and consider joining groups/org pages.

Most people only work on asking for recommendations when it comes time for a specific chance at a job or award.  Brainstorm a list of professors, classmates, and advisors with whom you have a healthy relationship, and ask for a few sentences on your character to boost your credentials on LinkedIn.  You can do the same for them!  While you’re at it, consider joining a group or two on LinkedIn that pertain to your industry or involvement.

4.  Reach out to a few contacts that you wanna keep up with either from school or industry.

One of the hardest things to do in networking effectively is keeping up with people at a healthy rate.  During the summer, don’t let your initiative on communication slip — instead, reach out to a few people that might be recommended to you on LinkedIn, or that you have been interested in meeting on campus.  Chances are they’re still around the Worcester area, or would be excited to meet you in the fall!

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5.  Check that all your formal clothes still fit!  If not invest in some new ones.

I’m guilty of this one as well — I bought my last suit four years ago.  I’ve grown a little bit since then…*cough* went from 5’10” to 6’1″… *cough*  Don’t be caught two days before the next networking event or career fair with a tiny suit or shirt/tie combo!  There are usually great summer sales at men’s and women’s professional clothing outlets in the summer.

6.  Keep up with the CDC!  We’re open all summer long!! 

Take the opportunity to walk into the office to have an appointment, learn about WPI student resources, or even Skype call into a counselor’s open hours — we’re open all summer, and want YOU to have the chance to improve your professional profile throughout the entire year!

Career initiative is never easy.  But when you put a few minutes aside every week to improve something positive, from LinkedIn and your wardrobe to researching your industry, it makes all the difference!

Feel free to email me at amoreschi@wpi.edu with questions you might have about your career profile or the CDC in general!
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