Nailing Your Job Interview

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So maybe your interview didn’t go as planned… or maybe you didn’t know what to say…

No worries, this is normal! Interviews can be nerve racking and intimidating at many times. All you have to do is learn from your past mistakes and PRACTICE for your next interview.

How do you do that?

Reflect on those questions that you had a hard time answering: Was it that you didn’t know how to respond? Or was it that you couldn’t think of anything? Think about these questions and come up with an answer! Chances are that other companies will ask you the same or similar questions.

Practice before your interview. When you practice, you’re able to catch your mistakes before they happened at the interview. This will help you recognize the areas where you need to improve.

The good thing is that the CDC can help you with that! The CDC gives you the opportunity to practice your interview skills in a safe environment. With the help of our staff, you will receive useful insight and become better at interviews.

Here is the link to find out more about Mock Interviews:

That’s all I have now,

Have a good weekend!

– Sebastian


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Sebastian Vergara, WPI 2015. B.S. in Industrial Engineering. Hello everybody ! I'll keep it nice and simple, I'm a peer advisor at the CDC (Career Development Center) and I'm here to help you. Check out my blogs for helpful tips and suggestions.

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