Countdown Begins

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Hi Everyone,

With less than two weeks left of A-term , I’m sure we’re all busy studying for exams, starting/finishing term projects , and even looking for jobs. So how to stay on top of all of these things?

This is the best time to start prioritizing ! Reflect on what is more important to you. Check out Sam’s blog to see how he deals with prioritizing.

For me, this means taking a break from my internship hunt and focusing on my academics. I will use these next two weeks to prepare for finals, finish all of my papers, and practice for class presentations.

This doesn’t mean off course that I’m putting a stop to my search, I’m just “relaxing” and putting all of my efforts into finishing the term strong. Nothing to worry about, I will return to my hunting after A-term is over.

As always, check out any of the CDC blogs for helpful tips :

That’s all I have for this week . Enjoy what is left of the term !

– Sebastian







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Sebastian Vergara, WPI 2015. B.S. in Industrial Engineering. Hello everybody ! I'll keep it nice and simple, I'm a peer advisor at the CDC (Career Development Center) and I'm here to help you. Check out my blogs for helpful tips and suggestions.

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