How to find a Job as an International Student?

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Week 2

Yea, I already started counting down the days till the end of B-term. So today I’m going to talk about something that’s only relevant to some of you, How to Find an Internship as an International Student. Unfortunately a lot of companies refuse to hire international students because we need to be sponsored for a Visa two years after we graduate. On one hand I don’t really blame them, why would they want to make the process harder for themselves? On the other it’s not fun when you get an interview with a company and when they discover you’re international they just say no.

Two things, first, congratulations on getting the interview, it means they were actually interested in you and you’re doing something wrong. Two, maybe you’re looking at the wrong companies.


Here are some tips:

1)      Check out the CDC website on how to find a job as an international student.

2)      Have you checked out the H1B database:

It has a list of all the companies that have hired international students in the past.

3)      Know that you don’t need sponsorship for at least 12 months after you graduate. And after the 12 months you can get up to a 17 months extension. A lot of companies don’t know that so they might still hire you for internships and right after you graduate for the couple of years.

4)      Don’t mention it on your first interview, wait till you’re about to get that job offer, unless they ask you then always be 100% truthful.

5)      Just reiterating point #4, always be truthful.

6)      There are also tons of websites that can help you out check them out on the CDC website.


Hopefully this helps!

Have a Good Night everyone and don’t forget to check out the other CDC Blogs here.


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