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Greetings everyone,

About three weeks ago, I received some great news from General Electric. GE extended me an offer to work for them in the upcoming Summer of 2014 as an EID Intern! How awesome  is that!

After giving it some thought, exploring my options, and talking to my friends and family, I decided to accept the offer. Why? As a junior, this is the last summer  internship I’m going to have and working for GE could lead to a full time offer. I am also attracted to GE’s  culture and business model, which are important factors I like to consider in my decision making.


So how did I find my internship?

It was very simple to be honest! Here are the steps I followed:

  • Attended GE’s info session at WPI , to learn more about the company and opportunities offered
  • Applied through Job Finder for the positions I wanted, as suggested by the recruiters
  • Spoke to different recruiters and asked them some good questions during the career fair.
  • Sent thank you letters to the recruiters I talked to
  • Got invited to an on campus interview by GE
  • Prepared for my interview ! The CDC can help you with that by the way, just make sure you don’t leave it for last minute.
  • Attended the interview and did well on it
  • Received the offer

I hope that this helps you get an idea on how I was able to find and get my internship.

Until the next time,

– Sebastian Vergara

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