The Final Countdown!

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People randomly passed out on campus.


The library is packed until 3am every night.

The line to Dunkin is out the door.

Yup, it’s finals week.

finals week1

Sometimes the chaotic mayhem is unbearable, but somehow I am completely relaxed this finals week. It’s definitely not going to be like that next term when I’m taking ID2050 so I better enjoy it will it lasts. In the craziness of it all, I’ve still been able to hang out with friends, spend time at the Collegiate Religious Center, read up on a good book, and best of all: continue my job search!!

For those of you that follow my blog, you know that last week I sent out around 30 letters and resumés to Physician Assistants asking about shadowing opportunities. Today I got not one, but TWO responses! I’m pretty much on Cloud Nine right now. This just proves that hard work and persistence is all worth it in the end. I’m going to be taking even bigger steps in the right direction to get where I want to be in two years. Things are falling into place and I’m so happy!!!

physician assistant

This doesn’t mean my job is done yet though. I still have about 28 other Physician Assistants to get in contact with. Follow up is incredibly important, especially in professional situations.  This is the first time I am communicating with these Physician Assistants and I’m setting a first impression for myself. Remember: you only make a first impression once and it is very difficult to change this! If you drop the ball you could permanently destroy an important and helpful contact. In the professional world it could even cost you a potential job offer. Keeping this in mind I’ve split this list in half so some PAs I will call this week and some I will call next week. Hopefully I will find more people willing to let me shadow them! I’m really excited for this opportunity and it gives me yet another reason to look forward to winter break!!

If you have any questions about your job search feel free to email the CDC Peer Advisors at and check out everyone’s blogs this week: AdamSamAhmad, and Sebastian!! Hang in there, finals are almost over! Have a great winter break and happy holidays!

See ya next year,


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Hey guys! My name is Emily Cambrola and I am a senior majoring in BME with a concentration in Biomechanics. I also am in the process of earning my minor in Music. I am a Peer Advisor for the CDC and I am here to share my thoughts and advice about the job search process! Be on the lookout for future blogging. Enjoy! (:

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