Procrastination is Golden!

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It’s finals week! Again 🙁 !

It sometimes feels as if everything wrong happens all in the same week.

You have finals, you realize you don’t have a summer/full time job yet, you realize you haven’t talked to your family in a few weeks and they’re not very happy about it, and everything seems to be falling apart. Take a deep breath, everything is going to be alright.

A few things I found help during this difficult time is procrastination. Professionals are cringing at my words, students are applauding, but before you judge me please let me explain.everything seems to be falling apart. Take a deep breath, everything is going to be alright.

I recently wrote about how being lazy can be a good thing, in the same way procrastination can be a good thing. Say you’re studying for finals, and you happen to have Facebook open on 11 tabs and twitter on another 3, you’re scrolling through peoples news feeds, stalking that one kid in your class that never showers, and anyone else you can or cannot think of. Well you’re doing it wrong, why not stalk* some employers on LinkedIn. Log onto Job Finder and see the hundreds of job postings there, all you have to do is click apply. Save the jobs that need a cover letter for Spring Break. Now let’s go back to Facebook, maybe you can see which of the alumni you know works in a company you’re interested in, maybe ask them questions about it online, or schedule a meeting during Spring Break. If you’re on twitter follow employers that you’re interested in, you never know when they’ll have an opening and tweet about it.

(*I am not encouraging stalking in any way shape or form, and these words represent my own opinions and not the opinions of the CDC or WPI)

Good luck with finals, and if you have time to procrastinate check out the rest of the blog posts here!



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