Did I Pick the Wrong Major? School? What Am I Actually Interested In?

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Hey Everyone!

So I wasn’t actually thinking that far extreme as to whether I picked the right school or not, but I was worried about my interests and if they matched up with WPI. Let me back up a bit; A few weeks ago, I took the Strong Interest Inventory assessment which asks you a series of questions regarding majors, careers, etc. As I was waiting for my assessments results appointment, I was nervous because I wanted to see if my decision to do Mechanical Engineering was the right one.

Turns out, I DID pick the right school and major! Phew that’s a relief. From my survey, I got my three highest themes to be Investigative, Conventional, and Realistic. My bottom three themes were Enterprising, Social, and Artistic. After reading through the descriptions a few times, I was able to relate to interests, skills, work activities, and values, one after another.

The results themselves went into great detail about my top themes, as well as my bottom ones, and which careers I would be interested in, and it was even able to correctly identify my favorite leisure activities; I am still amazed at how a few questions were able to give me so much information about myself. Even the themes from the bottom like artistic, it still showed like my favorite such as playing an instrument, and culinary arts (which I do enjoy in my spare time).

Overall, I would say that it was a really good feeling to be able to reinforce the fact that my chosen major did match up with my interests. I think this is important because sometimes I can’t tell what I like and what I don’t, because to be honest, I have liked most of the classes I have taken here at WPI, whether they be CS, ES, ECE, or ME (as long as the professor was good). So I think that everyone should definitely take this assessment; if you are undecided, this well help you tremendously, and if you have declared a major, then this will help confirm that you made the right decision (and it’s also just fun to find out more things about yourself)!

There are many other tests that you can take, other than the Strong Interest Inventory, and if you are curious, read more about a different one in Sam’s blog regarding Myers-Briggs Assessment!

Thanks for reading!!

– Omesh


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Hi everyone! My name is Omesh Kamat and I am a senior at WPI, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I am also working towards getting minors in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science. I am a Senior Peer Advisor at the CDC and I am here to help you and provide you with awesome tips! If you have any questions or suggestions for topics, please feel free to contact me!

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