Personality Alphabet Soup: ESTP, ENFP, ENTP

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What do those letters mean.. None of those are words and none of those spell my name but all of those describe me… That’s pretty cool right…

Have you ever heard Myers-briggs type indicator (MBTI)? A lot of people call it a test but unlike your finals this doesn’t have a right or wrong answer. MBTI is an assessment not a test. Think of it as a tool to help that helps you learn about yourself. Some people use MBTI to help them choose their majors, a jobs or the ideal work environment, ways to improve themselves or really just anything about themselves.

It blows my mind how just answering a few questions can help you identify with a few reoccurring personality traits. The categories are Extrovert vs Introvert (E or I), Intuitive or Sensing (N or S), Thinking or Feeling (T or F) and Judging or Perceiving (J or P).

Now don’t get caught up on the words themselves. Really try and understand the meaning behind each word. I guess to really do this you’d have to take the assessment!

I took a few mini ones and usually got ENTP; one time I got ENFP. After getting the inconsistent results, I did it again. This time I took a longer one with many more questions which really helped break things down more clearly. That final result gave me ESTP. I was a bit confused at first but I think all of those combinations describe me well. What it comes down to with personality assessments is that everyone is a combination of all the categories there are just some traits that people prefer over others and these assessments help people identify what those traits are.

Ready for how this is CDC related? It turns out you can schedule an appointment through your job finder to go over any of the assessments that we offer. I just recently did mine and it is nice having a third party reflection on me especially right before I jump into the real world. Now I know exactly what situations I would be most comfortable in and I also have some suggestions on how to handle the ones I am not too comfortable in. I wish I had done this earlier so that I could compare 1st Day of college Sam to Last day of College Sam.

Anyway schedule your Appointment today!

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