School Is Out! Where Will I WOO This Summer?

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Hey Everyone!!

I still can’t believe that my second year of college is over! It has gone by so fast and I think it has finally sunk in that summer has begun. With summer, there are a few things that I want to accomplish and here they are!

1] Internship: I want to gain valuable experience and learn as much as possible at my summer internship. This is very important because this position is related to my major and hey, if I do well, they might just call me back again for next summer!

2] Resume: I want to buff up my resume from sophomore year experiences and also fix a few of the format issues. I thought I had a really good resume, but then I found out I didn’t (if you want to know why, you should read my previous blog!)

3] LinkedIn: Now that I have started using LinkedIn, I want to make sure that all my information is accurate and updated on there as well. Currently, I am not happy with it and that is why I have hesitated in connecting with others. As this summer goes by, I will be making sure my LinkedIn is ready to go for the next academic year.

4] Personal Goals: I do have a few personal goals in mind as well. A few relating to academic ones are that I want to learn HTML and also learn AutoCAD. These are very helpful skills and I was talking to a few of the employers at the Career Fair and they mentioned that even if you are self-taught on some software or programming languages, definitely still put them on your resume. For non-academic related, I want to eat healthy and get more in shape.

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Looking at the picture above, so now I have set goals, and I have started making plans. Usually, I either end up setting too many goals or I start getting to work too late, making the goals impossible to achieve before the end of summer. Hopefully this time will be different and I wish that while achieving these goals, I also have some fun and enjoyment.

On a side note, please read Sam Francois! last blog! He has now graduated and moved on and I wish him the best of luck. Everyone, have a wonderful summer and I will see you in August 2014!

– Omesh


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