The Hunt – A Graduate Student Perspective

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I am an alumni of Worcester Polytechnic Institute class of 2013 returning as a Master’s student in the Applied Mathematics program. I am very interested in Higher education, Teaching, Mathematics and Operations research. You may see my career interest as random, but a combination of my undergraduate career and my experiences last year has developed my diverse array of interest. Currently, working as a teaching assistant in the Mathematical Sciences Department and Volunteering at the Career Development Center both providing me different perspective to Higher education. Which leads to my most recent dilemma in life “Staff VS Faculty”. Let’s not go on a detour, I am here as the Graduate Peer Advisor aiming to give students the graduate student perspective on “the hunt”, the hunt for a job, the hunt for career and the hunt for purpose. I want to welcome reads into my life to explore ways of being a good career hunter. Welcome to the world of Holmes

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Student + Teacher + WPI-Alumni + Mathematician + Movie Fan + Gamer + Nintendo Fan Boy + Young Professional = Me

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