Last Minute Career Fair Checklist!

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Hey Everyone!

I hope A term so far is going well! I can’t believe it but next Wednesday, September 17th,┬áis that day all of you have been waiting for…that’s right, the Fall Career Fair! I just wanted to prepare a checklist to make sure all of you were ready to go out and meet employers.


1] Resume: Polish your resume, making sure you have your summer experience (resume help). If you are a freshman, add something from college, maybe a club or some of the labs that you have done in physics. Come to Resumazing (tomorrow from 12 – 6 pm in CC Odeum) to get your resume critiqued by an employer (doesn’t get better than that, since they tell you exactly what they want to see)! Please make sure you have between 10 – 20 copies of your resume ready for the day of the career fair.

2] Dress Appropriately: First impression means a lot. If possible, wear a suit but if not, wear the most professional attire you have available. Please be advised that it is NOT okay to go around in shorts and a t-shirt.

3] Elevator Pitch: Ever go to a career fair and awkwardly walk up to an employer and hand him/her your resume? Instead, create (or review) your elevator pitch. This way you can try and sell yourself, but more importantly, have a conversation with the employer.

4] Research: Go on the Job Finder website and go to the Fall Career Fair event. Any company that is going to the career fair on Wednesday will be on here. You can research the companies based on what majors and type of jobs they are looking for, as well as the positions they hired for in the past. Have a list of companies you want to visit for sure at the career fair, and make sure to research them beforehand such has what they are known for, their size, and the type of industry.

5] Read this list: And if you got down to here, congratulations! Now that you are done reading, prepare for the career fair, do what I said above, and make sure to have a good night sleep.

Final Tips:

*Arrive to the career fair with plenty of time so you don’t feel rushed. Pre-registration begins at 12 pm.

*Apply to jobs for the different companies before you go and meet them at the career fair. This way you can go up to them and say that you already applied, and ask for more details.

*Network a lot. Meet the recruiters, grab their business cards, and don’t forget about the free stuff!!

Thanks for reading and until next week,




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