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Hey everyone!!!

A question a lot of my friends have been asking me is, “Gianna, how do you prepare for the career fair?”

Well of course I get my resume critiqued, practice my elevator pitch and find something cute to wear (I got a new suit that I’m extremely excited about). But I also research companies. And something that I have done for the past few career fairs that has really helped me was to create a “Company Profile Cheat Sheet .”

While I’m at a career fair, right before I go up to the company, I look at my “Cheat Sheet.” I had already “studied” the company during my research (I’m not going to lie, usually the night before), so I only need a quick review before I talk to them.

Every year, I’ve added to this cheat sheet and revised it, but this career fair I’m using the following format. I’m using the “WPI CPC Peer Advisor Position” as a very brief example of the information I look for. I also normally have more info!

Here is an example:


WPI Fall Career Fair 2014 Company Profile Cheat Sheet

Company Name/Table Number 

(You can find the table number with the packet given to you at registration)

Example: WPI CDC – Table “CDC7”


(What does this company do? Note: This is NOT a good question to ask at a Career Fair because it shows the company you didn’t even Google them!)

Example: The WPI CDC aids students in the job/major selection process.
Note: Resumazing was a successful past event…mention in conversation


(Know the industry the company is in too.)

Example: Resume critiques, workshops, mock interviews, etc.

Desired Position

(If you found a position while researching or know what kind of position you are interested in, ie. Process Engineering, then be sure to ask about it!!)

Example: Peer Advisor – Workshops, blogging, marketing, Youtube videos, providing advice to students!

Why I Fit

(This can be part of your elevator pitch!!! Find concrete examples of skills you have that directly relate to the job!) 

Example: I have experience giving workshop presentations (Admissions Intern info sessions) and working with students (Tech Girls outreach program)!


(A career fair is a two way street, you want to get to know the company as much as you want the company to know you!)

Example: What traits have made past Peer Advisors successful?


Now this may seem like a lot…you may be asking yourself, “Gianna but I want to talk to 10 companies! This will take forever!!”

From experience and talking to employers, if you have tangible evidence that you have researched the company the employer is WAY more likely to consider you for an interview. They want someone with skills and interest!

So yes, it may take you a while to research the 10 companies you want to talk to, but in the long run it pays off! And if you get an interview, a lot of your work is already done for you!

I hope this method helps! Feel free to share with me other methods you use to research!!! Good luck at the career fair everyone! I know you all will do great!!!

<3 Gianna

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Hey everyone! My name is Gianna Terravecchia and I am currently a senior here at WPI majoring in Chemical Engineering. A few of my favorites include Italian food, ice cream, the color purple, and penguins. I am a Senior Peer Advisor here at the CDC and I am here to help you in any way I can!

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