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Hello all! My name is Matt Murphy and I am writing to you to express my excitement in being a Peer Advisor for the 2015-2016 school year! I have been training with the current and new Peer Advisors and I am so eager to be able to help you all next year. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Aerospace Engineering and planning minors in Astrophysics and Material Science. On campus I try to be very involved; along with being a Peer Advisor, I am a Resident Advisor for Stoddard C3, I am a member of Greek life, and the Programming Chair for Residence Hall Council.

The biggest reason why I applied to be a Peer Advisor is because I love being able to assist other people (especially WPI students) to reach their goals. As a student, typical goals are: building a resume, getting an internship, applying for grad school, etc. and I believe aiding people in these searches is vital. It is very hard to do it alone! As I started to apply for jobs last year, I didn’t have a resume, didn’t know how to talk to people, and didn’t even know what Job Finder was. Coming to the CDC and getting my resume critiqued (multiple times) and practicing my interview techniques, really helped me acquire my Resident Advisor job along with an internship for the summer. Never forget that there is an entire department of people devoted to helping you grab your dream job!

My decision to come to WPI was an easy choice to make. I knew I wanted to be an engineer since I was four when I took a part a toaster and fixed it (true story, ask my mom!) and my eyes have always been in the sky looking for answers to the cosmos. Aerospace Engineering was right for me. One of the few universities with an Aerospace Engineering program in the Northeast, it was clear where I wanted to go. For others, picking a major is much more difficult. Having many skills and passions can lead many to indecision in your major declaring process. Good thing the CDC offers a class that helps you in this process and allows you to poke your head into all the different majors here at WPI to allow for a true shot at finding your major. As a PA, I have the opportunity to PLA this class, serving as a guide to your eventual major. This year as an RA, I was able to help my residents in their search but now I am even more stoked to be able to help on an even larger scale!

For those of you with internships this summer, congratulations and take everything out of your experience! To those who have no received an offer yet, don’t give up hope! I received my phone call (and offer) in late May. There is always time to get your dream summer job!

I hope you all have a fantastic summer and I look forward to seeing you next year!



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