Time to Grab Those Rebounds (Wait are we Talking Basketball or Job Searching?)

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Good afternoon,


The Career Fair was AWESOME! Our final numbers were: 200 companies and 2600 total students. If you were there, you know how hectic it was but that’s really the beauty of it! From the people I’ve talked to, the feedback was pretty great. I sincerely hope you made some connections or set up some future employment opportunities!!


Okay so bear with me for a second… if you follow any sports, I hope you get this analogy..


Yesterday you took your shot. You had conversations with employers, passed out some resumes, and shook some hands.


Today you should be grabbing the rebounds and going for your follow up (cheesy, whatever).


Your first shots rarely go in, especially in job searching, so it’s critical for your success to grab those business cards/ email addresses you received and start sending some thank you emails. This is the time to reach out and solidify those connections you started to make yesterday.


If you want tips on how to make thank you notes, please stop in the CDC or email the Peer Advisors at cdcpeeradvisors16@wpi.edu . We are always here to help!


Have a wonderful day, Matt

P.S. Go for the slam dunk!!!

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