Interviewing Part 1: OCI

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Hey Everyone!

You may have heard the term OCI many times and probably always wondered what that is? I don’t blame you, WPI has so many acronyms that we even have a website for it. It takes a while to remember a lot of them, but OCI is pretty important because it stands for On-Campus Interview. The Career Development Center works tirelessly with companies to give them an opportunity to interview students right on campus, and it is very convenient!

The way it works is, students apply for positions on JobFinder and some of them have a special note at the top:


Then after the deadline for resume submission passes, the company goes through all of the submitted applications and invites suitable candidates for an interview. If you go on settings in JobFinder and turn on email notifications, you will get emails every time you have an appointment, or you are selected for an On-Campus Interview. There should be directions in the email, but students just need to log back on JobFinder and schedule a time for the interview (the sooner you do this, the more time slots that will be open and the more convenient it will be for you!).

But be aware of a couple things:

  1. You must sign up for an interview slot by the given date or you will lose that spot and it will go to an alternate.
  2. If you need to cancel or reschedule after the deadline, you must call CDC and email the company 24 hours in advance.


No Show policy: If you “No Show” for an interview, you must send a letter of apology to the company recruiter with a request for a phone/on-site interview at their convenience. This letter is mandatory and must also be submitted to the Executive Director of the CDC. As a consequence, you will be placed on probation from On-Campus Interviews for the next two weeks. This is extremely serious so please be sure to stay organized and make it to your interview on time!

Aside from that, good luck with job hunting and look forward to my Part 2 of interviewing which will be more geared towards On-Site Interviews!

– Omesh

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