Luck of the Goats!

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Hi everyone!

At WPI we are pretty fortunate that industries look at us very favorably and in turn, we receive fairly healthy salaries. Frequently our average starting salary is within the top 10 in the country!


Recently the Class of 2016’s Post-Graduation report was released. It has an incredible amount of information about every major including starting salary for each degree level, companies that employed students from that major, and graduate schools attended by students from that major.


Give it a look!


If you don’t have the time to look it over, here’s some fun facts

  • The average starting salary for bachelor’s degree graduates increased slightly over last year to $66,977, this represents a 10% increase over the past three years.
  • Based on its own data collection independent of this report, ranked WPI 16th nationally for early career salary and 26th for educational ROI.


You can use this information for your benefit!

  • If you’re in job negotiations, you’ll know where your value is based off the starting salary for your major.
  • You can look at the companies that have hired your major recently and send in applications and reach out to the recent grads at those companies!


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