Alternative Career Volunteer Options

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Hi everybody!


I was recently chatting with one of our lovely staff members at the CDC, Amanda Dionne, and she referred me an awesome book about Alternative Career Options and I’d love to share a few pieces of information with you all!


The purpose of knowing all of your career options is that if you aren’t satisfied with what your major can offer in industry, you can try something outside of the box!


List of some options

  • International Voluntary Service Organizations
    • Examples: Peace Brigades International (PBI), Volunteers for Peace, WorldTeach
  • US Voluntary Service Organization
    • Examples: National Coalition for the Homeless, Catholic Worker Movement
  • Alternative Study and Travel Overseas
    • Examples: Crooked Trails, Global Citizens Network, Voices on the Border


Next Steps

  • Research options that seem intriguing
  • Come into the CDC to gather any advice or help to get you started
  • Apply to opportunities!


If you are interested in looking through the book and seeing all of the organizations that is contains, stop into the CDC and speak with Amanda and she could lend it out!


Thanks as always for reading! Hit up Jeffrey and I if you have any questions at


Your friendly neighborhood Peer Advisor,


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