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Soooo… I guess it’s pretty much over. Four amazing years at WPI is finally coming to an end. Although I’m incredibly excited for the next part of my life (I’m moving to LA for a dream job :D), WPI and everyone at the school have given me the best years of my life and I will most definitely miss it all.


Before I leave I want to pass down any piece of knowledge that may help someone struggling through their time at WPI.


  • What I learned
    • Using all of WPI and your network’s resources will help you.
      • Talk with people more experienced than you and learn from them
      • Use the SDCC, the CDC, SAO… the list goes on. USE THEM.
    • Get involved in clubs/organizations/academics that interest you and you will be as happy on campus as you can be.
    • Using the right verbiage and descriptions makes your resume 2000x better


  • What I wish I knew
    • Being nervous is okay, just know your stuff and you’ll be fine.
    • There are so many options and opportunities at WPI, don’t be afraid to ask around and figure out what they are.
    • Don’t forget about your family while you’re stressing and working hard. They’re too important to forget.


  • General Advice
    • Work hard throughout your WPI career, use this time in college to form good habits.
    • Be who you want to be (B A R B I E), but seriously, act as the person you want to be and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
    • Balance living in the moment and preparing for the future. Both are equally as important!


I really hope this set of advice will help you in someway. Goodbye WPI, it’s been real.


Your friendly neighborhood Peer Advisor,

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