Goodbye 3ever

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There is only one final standing between me and graduation. I came to WPI thinking I wanted to be an engineer and I am now going to go graduate as a bio major, happy enough with that decision to continue down that path as a PhD-seeking student of microbiology at Duke this fall. Tons of big changes happening right now, not only for myself, but for everyone graduating, and even those doing internships or traveling this summer.

For those struggling to get through finals week, here is a picture of Kermie, my baby sloth.

Picture of a two-toed sloth in Costa Rica

Parting wisdom:

One thing I have learned during my time at the CDC is that career development is not something you learn once and have suddenly mastered. Even if you are teaching others how to write resumes, it still helps to get your own resume critiqued once in a while. Remember that when you leave WPI (even if you are just leaving for the summer), the learning doesn’t stop.

Companies in the US spend on average $4.5 billion on training and career development programs, as this pays off in terms of employee retention. Whether you are accepting a full-time job or internship, explore opportunities for on-site training courses, leadership programs, cross-training in other departments, and tuition reimbursement for graduate school. Taking advantage of these will help you boost your resume and learn about your likes and dislikes.

If you are returning to school this fall, either at WPI or another graduate school (like me!), make sure to continue to make use of your school’s resources. And remember that the services of the WPI CDC are available to all alumni for life.

Lastly, stay in touch! The connections you have made at WPI (both professional and personal) are extremely valuable. It doesn’t have to be goodbye 4ever.


12 days til graduation wooooooo

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