Energy Evaluation of the New Horizon Centre

Title: Energy Evaluation of the New Horizon Centre
Sponsor: Commonside Community Development Trust
Sponsor Liaison: Naomi Martin
Student Team: Stephen Cialdea, Mike Doyle, Samantha Sinapi
Abstract: The New Horizon Centre is a community center located in the London Borough of Merton and is operated by the Commonside Trust. In order to save money and be more environmentally friendly, the Trust requested that this project team evaluate energy use at the Centre and recommend ways to increase its efficiency. To do this, the team performed an in depth energy audit on the building, the details of which were determined through research prior to the team’s arrival in London. In addition, it was pivotal that the team identify sources of funding for their recommendations, because the Trust is a non-profit group on a tight budget. It was also important that the team engage the local community during the process, because it is a large part of the work that the Trust does.