Development of the Inspire Engineering Mentoring Program

This project developed the Inspire Engineering Mentoring Program for the London Transport Museum, Transport for London, and Greenwich University Technical College.  The program will be implemented through the guidance of four handbooks that give specific information for exact lesson plans, orientation, training, matching, evaluations, and several other topics.  Mentors will guide mentees through a 10 month meeting structure to learn more of engineering and to develop mentees professionally and personally.  By completing this program, mentees will be prepared for their next step towards being a successful engineer.


The program will be coordinated and run by the London Transport Museum through their Learning Department

London Transport Museum



The team delivered four major handbooks in order to operate the Inspire Engineering Mentoring Program.

  • The Guidance Document will be used by the program coordinators to run the entire program including matching, evaluations, orientations, and training.
  • The Mentor Handbook will serve as a resource to the mentors to guide them as they get started and something they can refer back to from time to time.
  • The Lesson Plan Handbook contains an easy to follow table of contents, detailed lesson plans, and materials within the lesson plans to ensure the mentors have all they need to run the meetings throughout the 10 month program.
  • The Student Handbook will compliment the mentees experience in the meetings through worksheets that can be used to reinforce lesson plans.


Guidance Document Cover Page Mentor Handbook Cover Page Lesson Plan Handbook Cover Page Students Handbook Cover Page

LTM Guidance Handbook                                              Mentor Handbook                             Lesson Plan Handbook                             Student Handbook


The following is a link to our final report.  This report contains the background, methodology, findings, program design, and lesson plans of our project.  It explains how and why we came to our final conclusions and products.

LTM IQP Report


This project was able to be completed thanks to the guidance of our sponsor the London Transport Museum and our liaison, museum Inspire Engineering Officer Elizabeth Poulter.

This project was possible thanks to WPI advisors, Professors Scott Jiusto and Laureen Elgert


Group Photo


Group members display their four handbooks in the London Transport Museum (from left to right):

Matt Jackson ’15 Mechanical Engineering

Sarah Quatieri ’15 Medicinal Chemistry

Thomas Kostelak ’15 Civil Engineering

Leah Pervere ’15 Biochemistry and Bioinformatics