For Project Hosts

The students bought a fresh perspective and skills which we did not have
internally, and having dedicated time to focus on this work allowed us to
make more progress than we would have been able to do without this support.”

Helen Dafter, Archivist,
The Postal Museum


Each year the Project Centre typically conducts a set of 6 student projects onsite in each of three terms:  C term (Jan/Feb), D term (March/April), and E term (May/June). Project teams are composed of 3 or 4 competitively selected students of science, engineering, management, and the humanities who collaborate with you and your colleagues on-site to solve a key problem for your organization after a carefully monitored period of preparation in the U.S. The outcome of their work is a fully documented professional report containing complete results and recommendations as well as a high-quality public presentation of the highlights of their findings suitable for a broad audience. Project teams operate over a fourteen-week period. During the first seven weeks, teams work in the U.S. with their faculty advisors to define the problem, conduct background research, and identify appropriate research methods to address the problem. The teams communicate regularly with you and your colleagues as necessary during this phase. The preparation period includes training in survey and interview techniques, report organization, oral presentation, and other skills required for professional project execution.

During the second half of the fourteen-week period, student teams operate full-time (40 hours/week) on-site to complete their project assignment under the close scrutiny of two WPI faculty advisors. The faculty advisors meet weekly with you and the project team to review progress and future plans. Weekends and evenings are devoted to report development (data analysis, draft recommendations, practice presentations, etc.) with the faculty advisors. The project team concludes its effort with a public presentation of results and submission of a detailed written report.

You can find more information about how the program operates here.  If you would like to discuss past projects, the program in general, or have an idea for a project and an interest in hosting a student team, please contact us.

To here from past project hosts regarding their experience working with WPI watch the video below.

“The students consistently produce outstanding research projects, and it is
always helpful to have a team from outside the organisation approach a
topic from different perspective.”

Joyce Ip, Senior Regeneration Officer,
London Borough of Hounslow