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Life in Wellington (From Alino Te)

Ekim’s Burgers

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Pops up during their summer time so when you are there. Their location is different every time but the most recent place they were was at the top of Cuba Street. Check on Yik Yak or their Facebook page for their current location! Cheap burgers but without a doubt one of the best burger’s I’ve ever had in my life. 5$ will get you an Ester burger which is their basic but it is filling and delicious! Their most expensive burger is 13$ I think but many burger in between! Definitely recommend two Ester burgers and a small order of fries! I can barely walk after eating there!


Neo Café

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neo cafe

Cheap place for tea, coffee, sweets, and wifi! It’s really close to the apartments we were in, (Willis). 4$ for a pot of tea and unlimited hot water to go with it. Same thing with their bottomless coffee filter coffee! It’s quite delicious!


Midnight Espresso

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My favorite coffee shop in all of Wellington located near the top of Cuba. Amazing atmosphere, hippy, rock and roll, artsy vibe! Very awesome and the toast with butter and jam was my go to breakfast there. Around 7$ for toast and jam. The long blacks were the best here, I think, because they were stronger.


Soho Brown’s

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Soho Brown's

A really nice, quiet, coffee shop on Cuba just before Midnight Espresso. It’s rustic and the coffee is about the same price as Midnight Espresso.


Smith the Grocer

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Smith the grocer

The coffee here is a bit more expensive but it’s also better than the average coffee place! Close to the end of Willis towards Victoria University Pipitea campus.


Crepes a Go Go

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There are two crepe shops on Manner street. The cheapest one is closest to Burger King on the corner of Manner and Cuba. Cheap crepes run you about 3$ for a basic with Nutella! Its big and good! The other crepe shop close to Willis is more expensive but it is also fancier for crepes!


Trawling Fish Market (Wellington Sea Market)

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This shop was my saving grace! Fish and chips that will last a meal and half for 7.40$ is one of the best deals around! They also sell sea food for you to take home and cook. They also have the best French fries I’ve ever had!


Mt.Vic Chippery

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It’s an expensive and hipster version of the Trawling Fish Market but it’s good and gives you more variety. It’s down Courtenay place just before the hike up to Mount Vic and right before Five Boroughs Bar and just after the Welsh Dragon.



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