Evaluating the Effects of Wellington’s Animal Bylaw and Snip’n’Chip Campaign

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Project Abstract

The Wellington City Council (WCC) and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) have implemented several measures to promote responsible cat ownership and protect endangered wildlife from predation by cats. This project evaluated the public response to the Animal Bylaw and the Snip’n’Chip campaign in addition to their overall effects on microchipping trends and cat owner behavior. We found that most of the public felt positively towards the bylaw, that most cat owners were compliant with the bylaw regardless of their awareness of it, and that Snip’n’Chip brought accessibility to those who needed it but was not advertised as effectively as it could have been.

Student Team

  • Toni Joy
  • Nathaniel Mione
  • Bryannah Voydatch
  • William Wartman


  • Wellington City Council


  • Michael Elmes, WPI
  • Carolina Ruiz, WPI