Human FM: Community Building through Student Radio

Project 4

                       Executive Summary     Final Report

Project Abstract

Human FM is a student-led radio station in Wellington, New Zealand, devoted to community development through music discovery and meaningful discussion. They have been struggling to connect with their target audience, university students, due to limited exposure and weak volunteer staffing. Our study examines the ways in which Human FM can grow and strengthen engagement within their community using resources from their shared cafe and lounge space. After interviewing staff, surveying the target listenership, and exploring the greater community, we propose and analyze several strategies that address Human FM’s challenges.

Student Team

  • Bertan Atamer, ME
  • John David Krill, BE
  • Michele Lee Mensing, ME
  • Ryan James Pollin, ME


Mark Johnson


  • Shockey, Ingrid K., ID
  • Elmes, Michael B., MG