Evaluating the Interactions between Wellington Residents and the Threatened Kaka Parrot

Kaka Parrot

                     Executive Summary          Final Report

Project Abstract

This report presents an evaluation of the relationship between Wellington residents and the threatened kaka parrot. With the implementation of a mammalian exclusion fence and pest eradication system, Zealandia Wildlife Sanctuary created the first nature preserve free of mammalian predators.

As a result of this unique design and its success, thriving bird populations are expanding into the urban environment beyond the sanctuary. This project examines impacts of residential interactions on kaka and assesses the attitudes and behaviors of the community through surveys, focus groups, and interviews. Using this data, we provide a set of recommendations to Zealandia for raising awareness, encouraging safe interactions, and enhancing the sanctuary’s methods of community outreach.

Student Team

  • Sarah Ann Cote, CE
  • Olivia Nicole Durand, BE
  • Erin May Laroche, BE
  • Rachel Marie Warden, BIO


Raewyn Empson


  • Shockey, Ingrid K., ID
  • Elmes, Michael B., MG